Here at IIA, we believe that everyone deserves access to health care. So we develop medical apps and other healthcare apps that can make the whole healthcare system mainstream and structured. Our experienced developer’s design uniquely suitable Healthcare mobility solutions that are made to be highly adaptive and scalable.

Our demand apps are:

Our demand apps are:

Full Prescription Management

As incorporated with E-prescription, the framework must deal with the full prescription given by the specialists.

Automated Claims Processing

The system includes computerized frameworks for claim processing, and it maintains a full record of case entries, including adjudication.

Complete & Accurate Drug Interaction & Other Databases

The framework can identify Drug-Drug Interactions and along with it decreases the odds of ADEs, preserves patients' safety, and anticipates related therapeutic and legitimate issues.

A/R Management

Account Receivables Management is urgent in the field of health-care to guarantee smooth, and fruitful working and that owed amounts are discounted back in the most limited time conceivable.

Doctor App On Demand

Get an on-demand, fully functional and personalized doctor app and consult with your patients via text, speech, and video. We build extremely complex healthcare software that can be conveniently incorporated with many payment gateways.

Doctor Patient Engagement App

The Doctor-Patient Interaction App is an interactive medical app that allows physicians to submit questions from patients. A mobile health app allows patients to connect for quick reference or healthcare-related recommendations with physicians.

Our Apps Help

Our Apps Help

  • Open and Flexible mobile platform
  • Improved healthcare delivery without boundaries
  • Efficient, protected, and Encrypted Data Transmissions
  • World-Class apps that can be used across any operating system.
  • Increases simplicity to accelerate the decision-making process for better healthcare.
  • Decide on the right care and treatment, wherever and at any time.
  • Receive and respond immediately to critical patient details, monitor health status, or update care plans
  • Peer-to-peer communication support
  • Compliance with FDA and HIPAA guidelines
  • Wearables & Device Integrations