Our mobile finance solution is a multi-faceted solution that caters to various use cases. Mainly We provide financial organizations with financial app development services by helping them stay competitive through robust, scalable, and stable applications with safety and security as our main concern.

Apps we build

Apps we build

Mobile Banking

Use our web, mobile, and USSD channels to deliver top-notch customer experiences for your retail, merchant, and corporate customers.

Digital Wallet

We have a mobile wallet that acts as a platform for enterprises and banks & financial institutions to extend their services to their customers through mobiles.

Stock Market

A better and more customer-centered finance software is coming up in the finance industry to help make a jump to the stock market. Mobile Apps have already coined their name in the finance mobile app category to handle cash and monitor when it comes to the stock market.


Merchants will be allowed transactions for all their mobile users with our solutions. The entire delivery network is automated by our mobile finance scheme.

Features we Focus on

Features we Focus on

We focus on

  • Easy KYC implementation
  • Seamless subscriber account management
  • Uncomplicated Subscriber beneficiary management
  • Easy integration with OCS systems
  • Multi-stage payments
  • Service aggregation
  • Transaction reversal
  • Easy & low-cost service roll-out
  • Advanced risk management
  • Parallel economic development
  • Promotions
  • Flexible commission
  • View transactions