Genesis of AI

Genesis of AI

Now we are in the Fourth Industrial Revolution called THE AI REVOLUTION. Things are getting changed up and more precisely they are getting automated.AI had stamped its feet on all sectors of industries most importantly on Healthcare, Finance, Transportation etc. More research is going on to enhance AI ability and their functionalities. Remember AI is not a single field of a subject it includes a variety of core subjects which are integrated to bring automation into this world.

Don’t worry this blog is full of General Knowledge and cool applications of AI not any technical stuff into it.
Many of advancement of AI is going on a Business angle like How to make money out of it? and How can we enhance our product by using AI in it ?. Only giant companies like Google, OpenAI, Microsoft etc are really working on non-profit AI products. In this blog, we gonna see the top application of AI other than Business domain. Really the topics gonna be an awesome one.

” Music is one of the greater uniter and an incredible force something that people who differ on everything and anything else have common. — Sarah Dessen ”

Music is one of the Stressbuster of every Human Beings.No person in the world is there without listening music. Music is created by a sequence of sound from various instruments and voice. All the sound should be set on a rhythm to maintain the flow of music. But till 2016 only human had the ability to set the rhythm to give a quality music to the world. Then AI grabbed the chance of it, Google created a project called Magenta which gives all the technical support to create AI-powered and AIVA is also music product based company giving quality AI music to this world.

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