Cogbots: Nextgen Customer Relationship Management

Cogbots: Nextgen Customer Relationship Management

Businesses are racing to keep up with consumer demands and technological innovations.  Adoption, innovation, and customer acceptance of intelligent agents are increasing. Both businesses and customers are recognizing the value of virtual agents in terms of customer service and support.

Cognitive conversational bots power customer relationship management that allow businesses to drive customer advocacy through increased customer engagement, transaction, and satisfaction. Rather than keyword matching with regular expressions done in chatbots, Cognitive Bots (CogBot) listen, converse with natural language, understand and learn from the conversations and reasons to provide necessary support. These Bots are trained for various domains such as Automotive, Healthcare, Finance, Real Estate, etc., with deep expertise on specific applications to replace the old school web chats.

Cognub help businesses better understand the worth of Cogbots and assure them to take right decision to invest in the same.

We build; deploy and maintain CogBot’s that can assist users with:

  • Initiating conversations by asking relevant questions, engaging interactive experience for users, capture user responses and provide right insights to the users.
  • Proactive suggestion/ guidance about domain specific user queries, valid information on the credentials, etc.
  • Identifying the relevant entities and smartly replies by referring back to the entities collected from the user inputs.
  • Escalate for human intervention as required.

Even if the user queries are not structured, the built-in artificial intelligence and NLU (Natural Language Understanding) engine determines Customer’s intent and provides suitable answers to the users from the stored repository based on the confidence score calculated. The CogBot architecture integrates an AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) model for rule-based expression match and Deep Learning based NLU on realizing communication between a human user and the CogBot.