An overview:

Every single year, the interaction between customers and chatbots keeps increasing. chatbots give companies the ability to provide 24/7 instant services to customers in a human-like manner. Such a fast and smooth customer service help companies build brand loyalty and bring new clients to the business with lower advertising costs.

Users always want the best experience. If the chat bot is below average they want it to be average, if it is average they want it better, better is not it, they want the best. At par with a smartness level of a human. That is exactly what HOLAA can provide.


  • Users way of texting

Different people have their own way of typing a message (short sentences, long sentences, really long sentence in a chat bubble, multiple very short sentences in multiple chat bubble

  • User language

When it is about talking to a human, it is about talking to an individual who is totally unique. Her way of command over language, usage of slang, love of certain words, habit of misspelling certain words, using short forms, using cool words that origin daily, and a list can go on.

  • Limitations of NLP

The current state of natural language Processing is not that advanced to tackle everything. The synonyms, extraction of entities has been taken care of but what about mixing of local language, the words and slang being added to the vocabulary at the speed we are not matching with

  • Randomness of being a human

Human beings are beings with emotions. The user behavior is controlled by the bot must be able to adapt to the way the user expresses themselves.

  • Recognizing user intents is what is needed

A chat-bot is not a chatbot if it cannot handle a basic hi, hello responses.

  • Limited attention span

User attention span is limited and often users are very distracted


  • End-To-End Bot Life Cycle Management
  • Custom & Prebuilt Knowledge Base
  • Extract data from several sources automatically to build knowledge base
  • Integrations with Enterprise Systems
  • Automate business processes and take actions using Intelligent RPA
  • Speech /Analytics /NLP Engines
  • Extensive Customization
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Virtual Human Mode
  • Personalized Voice & text

Chat-bot Use:

In marketing

  • They can Generate Leads with Sales Approach
  • They are a Second-Net Strategy
  • They can Help You Build Email Lists More Effectively
  • They can Help Simplify Pricing
  • They can Promote Products with Fun Conversations
  • They can Helps You Improve your Funnel Marketing
  • They can Do Quizzes, Promotions, And Contests with Customers
  • They can Introduce New Products/Services
  •  They can help with Upsell, Down-sell and Cross-sell Tactics
  • They can Execute Drip Campaigns
  • They can Improve Your Product Onboarding

2.In Sales

  • They can Demo and Show Requested Products
  • They can Become Personal Shopping Assistants
  • They can Serve as Sales Agents
  • They can Provide Quotes and Estimates
  • They Can Connect Sales, Customer Support and More
  • They They are the Best Assistants to Your Sales Team