Familheey is a mobile networking platform that is scaling up rapidly for families, groups and organizations to collaborate effectively at this challenging time around the world. The wide spread features in this platform has given familheey a versatile scope to be used in multiple occasions from employee management, talent acquisition ,organisational use, education and online Learning etc.Family is a community app and not a social media app,they aim to create an application which can be used for the profit and non profit organisations which could save people’s time and the stressful situation in understanding and processing conversations easily and effectively.

Features Of Familheey

  • Posts Family Broadcast
  • Conversations Engage with Everyone 
  • Announcements
  • Requests
  • Showcase
  • Calendar
  • Event Module

Familheey for Education Sector

Many schools in india started using Familheey app instead of other social media apps which they relied upon on the initial stage of the covid mentamic.

Yes the Familheey app was difficult to use for them as well, but with time they got to know more about the app and they became very happy with the easy to use features which they could use for the education purpose as it was a blizz.

Familheey for Profit and Nonprofit Organizations.

The introduction of features like organised communication has helped n number of organizations including profit and nonprofit organisation to use their time effectively and efficiently as multitasking and multiple discussions where super easy to proceed in the app.An additional feature of Request module combines with other features made the things extremely easy for the NGOs as well, there by motivated many NGOs to get into Familheey and use their features for the betterment of the society.


  • Setting up a platform which can be useful for NGOs and other organisations
  • Setting up Request module where people can contribute accordingly
  • Size reduction of the Application
  • Reducing the confusion of the Application
  • Helping people to adapt to a versatile community application
  • Complication in navigating through the app 
  • Absence of like button
  • Anonymity of organised communication
  • Peoples inhibition of using a new application


Making sure that the app can be of very use for the NGOs and other organisations it was a must to use versatile features in the app to make sure that the app is of very good use to these organisations.When is came to request module which can be used in donations from the people,they uses stripe model to sort out this issue.The app size was reduced to the maximum which came under 20MB and the rest of the data was made to be stored in the cloud making sure that the app runs smoothly without eating up the phone’s memory.Reducing the complexity of the app was not possible as there features were important for meeting the purpose.But instead, videos where made and uploaded to make sure that the app users can use the videos and get there doubts cleared.Community app was something which was not familiar to most of the people out there, the videos and the orientations helped  them to get to know more about the concept to understand the app better.Organised communication was something that was new and the app users took time to get to know about the details of this specific type of communication and the inhibition of the app users to adaptation to this kind of communication was possible.The app did not give the option to  like, love, smile etc making sure that the users express there response with words rather than a click of a button, yes the users faced this as a issue in the initial stage, but after that they got adjusted to the system as well.