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Our Software Engineering Lab services accelerate to continuous delivery. Partner with us to deliver applications at the pace of business.

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From mundane to magical, with focus and innovation, we have crafted few innovative startups!.


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We build capabilities which will deliver faster and have greater business agility.

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We build capabilities which will deliver faster and have greater business agility.

  • Training & Education
  • Health care
  • Marketing
  • Real estate
  • Fashion retailing
  • Automobile


Portfolio-Check out our projects, which highlights work we’ve done with clients.


Drona is a cognitive digital medical business built on the Cognitive Fabric for health providers, medical students and citizens. Drona’s goal is to improve healthcare at every layer & ultimately democratize wellness. AR has the potential of providing a heads-up display, giving vital information to surgeons overlaid on the patient.

We'R World

We'R World is set to revolutionize virtual reality with a platform that will engage users with highly personalized immersive simulations and experiences. We’R World uses VR to train professional to improve their skills without the constraints of physical world making the experience realistic and safe at the same time.

VR Paperboy

The player controls a paperboy on a bicycle delivering newspapers along a suburban street. Forward movement of bicycle gets faster as level progresses. The player attempts to deliver daily newspapers to subscribing customers by picking up and throwing the newspaper roll using VR controllers towards the newspaper bin in each house.


Noah is a 3D first person shooter game that takes place in the distant future. The world is now very advanced with flying pods for travel and interplanetary travel being common. The main character Noah is orphaned at a young age when his mother was killed. He was taken care of by the leader of a mercenary group named Sephiroth.

Stunt Bike Freestyle

Stunt Bike Freestyle is completely based on the real world subculture of motorcycling discipline called Freestyle Street bike stunt riding.

AR Indoor Mapping Service

GPS technology relies on satellite signals, the strength of which is disrupted by the thick walls of buildings, meaning that as soon as you step inside, you’re left relatively blind. Using Spatial Anchors to mark physical locations as waypoints for navigation this problem can be tackled. Spatial Anchors are setup in Six DoF using movement of camera.


Arttora is a first-of-its-kind social network for young artists and art lovers with similar artistic interests to come and be a part of a larger community Platform also helps art enthusiasts and artists to find and book art events and classes around them and ways to evaluate and find their ideal "Gurus" (who can teach, mentor and launch their artistic career).


CoronaRun is an android & iOS application built upon endless runner game genre. It’s aimed to spread awareness on how to keep yourself and others safe from getting infected with covid-19 virus. Run your way through the streets and evade objects that might infect you with the virus & gain immunity by collecting objects.